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Landlord Safety Inspections

Rented properties in the UK must now have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) conducted every 5 years with any discrepancies rectified by the landlord within 28 days of receiving the report. Our certified electricians at Suffolk Electrical Services Ltd offer comprehensive inspections that thoroughly assess the electrical systems in your rental property. From checking for potential fire hazards and faulty wiring to verifying the proper functioning of electrical appliances and installations, our meticulous inspection process leaves no stone unturned. With our expert assessment in hand, you can address any issues promptly, demonstrating your commitment to providing a secure and compliant living environment for your tenants. Protect your property and your reputation as a trustworthy landlord—schedule your electrical safety inspection today.

Guarantee rental property compliance with our certified electricians. Meticulous inspections ensure safety and tenant satisfaction, safeguarding your reputation as a responsible landlord.
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